Wednesday, 15 October 2014

We're here! We're new! And we love to fill homes with colour!
Image from Pinterest

Hello! We are people with passion for colour! Lots of it.....mixing it with patterns, clashing it, embracing it and smothering ourselves in it! We have been known to turn even the hardest of neutral pallets...into colour obsessed fiends. And for this reason we have created the brand called Belle Modelle (beautiful design). A place has been created where you can come and get inspiration for your home....where nothing is impossible and anything goes (to a degree, and help with our creative eye!). Selling and advising in interiors, furniture, home decor and soft furnishing...transforming tired, outdated rooms into a world of fun, warmth and beauty. Designs can be done in a subtle way, or full on maximum colour and patterns if you want to be bold. It's not's really very easy and we are here at Belle Modelle to help you on your journey to a more colourful life.